A History of an Island Unknown

    In a year when homeschooling the children was the only option, creativity to the at-home curriculum was key.  By incorporating fun and educational excursions that everybody can enjoy, the children remain more engaged, and the family stays connected.  A region tucked just under NYC, Long Island lays rich with history and a beautiful mansion-lined coastline. Due to the sudden boom to the economy in the early Century through the Roaring ’20s, Long island’s Gold Coast flourished, welcoming high-powered elected officials, celebrities, and Business Tycoons alike.  By scheduling these at-home field trips, be prepared to pack plenty of water and snacks as the grounds have several trails traveling throughout the estates that lead to hidden lakes, the ocean, and castle-like mansions.

    During Spring Bloom at the estates, Long Islanders begin to visit the various historical estates where they open for picnics and other leisurely outdoor activities.  A full day can be had when visiting these Gold Coast Mansions as the children can participate in activities to participate in subject matter such as history, physical education, and science to name a few.  Living somewhere all your life, it is easy to take for granted the history of an island unknown, but once we do some digging, we can unearth a wealth of knowledge.