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Baseball season is back, and Lindenhurst American Little League is ready to hit the ground running!

As the current Director of the Peewee Director for the Lindenhurst American Little League, I’d like to say… PLAY BALL!

The weather is warming in NY and the Lindenhurst American Little League (LALL) is getting ready for the Spring ’22 season. A town that embraces athletics and the benefits they provide children, LALL includes a Board of Directors that creates an exciting experience for the kids and community. Pre-season practices begin in March to warm up the players, followed by a parade in April to officially open the season with all-day festivities; team pictures and baseball games to round off the day’s events. Local vendors set up booths throughout the park handing out fun goodies too!

“Lindenhurst brings together the community to support young athletes”

Age Groups / Divisions

A town built around families, LALL provides access to baseball at an earlier age than most towns. Since the introduction of the 3-year-old program, Lindenhurst gives the opportunity to start playing from an early age. Due to the program’s popularity, the T-Ball division has an astounding seven teams. LALL found by having an introductory division, children have been coming back the following seasons and retain a high percentage of players.

  • 3-year-old program: Basics of throwing, catching, and swinging the bat
  • T-Ball Baseball (Ages 4-5): Introduction to live games while hitting off the tee
  • Peewee Baseball (Ages 6-7): No more tee and learning the catcher’s position
  • Farm Baseball (Age 8): Coach no longer pitches, players play all positions
  • Farm Softball (Ages 6-8): Girls’ competitive softball introduction season
  • Minor Baseball (Ages 9-10)
  • Minor Softball (Ages 9-10)
  • Major Baseball (Ages 11-12)
  • Major Softball (Ages 11-12)
Where do we play?

Town Hall – Turf FieldTown Hall is known in Lindenhurst as the primary location for “Lindy baseball”. A new turf field for the little leaguers with live scoreboard, clubhouse for apparel and snacks, local sponsorships adorn the outfield fence. Fifty feet over you will find a meticulously maintained softball field ready for competitive games one can find on a Spring evening. On the Town Hall grounds, you will find batting cages built for league use that come in handy during the offseason. Due to league popularity, there are additional fields reserved for practices and games.

  • Town Hall – Softball Field
  • Kelly Field
  • Rhall Elementary Baseball Field
  • Kellum School Baseball Field
How to register

To eliminate lines and expedite the process, LALL created for all the league’s needs. The website is a great resource for all players, parents, and coaches to find up-to-date information on game cancellations, league news, and registration forms. Additional dates are offered for in-person registration too.

Registration is available at

Required for all players prior to participation

Prices vary by age/division ($60 – $195)

Benefits of signing up with Lindenhurst American Little League

Beginning with the 3-year-old program, many of the current players have now played together for multiple seasons while creating personal bonds off the field. As the players age up in the league, there is a trust that is developed and a desire to play as part of a team, play for each other. It’s ok to want to win and be competitive, but it’s also ok to lose, yet know how to lose with grace.

Together, the players learn

  • Comradery
  • Patience
  • Selflessness
  • Sense of community
  • Work ethic
  • Sportsmanship

Thanks to the league’s success, players go on to play at the High School and travel league level, some earning college scholarships.

Check out some of Lindenhurst’s recent Varsity Baseball Grads!

The philosophy behind the league’s approach has allowed for over 60 years of competitive little league baseball.

Lindenhurst American Little League hits it out of the park!